Investigation & Assessment

Often long before design and construction commences there is work to be done to investigate the viability of a project and assess requirements. We provide a range of investigation and assessment services to make this process quick and efficient for local government and sporting group organisations.

Tennis court audits

As a preferred supplier to Tennis Victoria, 2MH Consulting conducts tennis court audits throughout Victoria. Tennis court audits are a quick and effective way to ensure courts continue to comply with sporting code requirements and safety requirements.

Netball court audits

As a preferred supplier to Netball Victoria, 2MH Consulting provides netball court audits for local governments, education facilities and sporting clubs throughout Victoria. Netball court audits enable you to stay on the front foot to maintain compliance and proactively address emerging issues before they become problems.

Arboriculture reports

2MH Consulting provides expert assessment of the health of trees and safety implications for users of outdoor spaces. Arboriculture reports provide a cost-effective way to assess the current state of trees and highlight any required targeted works to maintain health and safety.

Engineering design & reports

2MH Consulting can provide engineering design and reports for every aspect of your project to ensure buildability, cost-effectiveness, safety and regulatory compliance.

Environmental assessment

Where your project has potential environmental impacts or there is a regulatory requirement for environmental assessment, 2MH Consulting provides an end-to-end service. We can provide the expert assessment, required documentation and practical advice to navigate this process.

Bushfire attack assessment

Where your outdoor space or sports facility is in a bushfire prone area, 2MH can provide expert bushfire attack assessment. We can advise on risk and recommend landscape and building design approaches to mitigate identified risks.

Horticultural consultancy

2MH Consulting brings to your project a wealth of horticultural expertise. We can advise what will grow well, what will stand up to wear and tear, what is cost-effective to maintain over time and where water efficiencies can be achieved. We design for visual impact, user amenity and ongoing sustainability.