Project Management

2MH Consulting specialises in project management to design and construct outdoor spaces and sporting facilities for local government and sporting organisations. Engaging 2MH Consulting to the project management design and management of construction of your outdoor space or sporting facility provides peace of mind. We manage the project on your behalf to ensure safety, cost efficiency, quality and timely completion. In short, we take the headaches away and just make it happen.

Concept development

If you need help with up front concept development for a new facility or precinct we have the design expertise and project management experience to help. We can work with you to develop initial concept designs for public consultations, funding applications and costing estimates and planning approvals.

Project design & specification

When the time comes to source suppliers we can provide detailed project design and specification documentation to ensure you get what you need from the project, without surprises.

Funding applications

Many clients turn to 2MH Consulting for assistance in developing and providing information to support funding applications for a proposed project. We have extensive experience in providing compelling information to enable you to develop successful applications for funding from local, state and federal government.

Permit applications

We can manage all permit applications for your project on your behalf. We have extensive experience working with local governments throughout Victoria, relevant State departments and applicable federal legislation. This is particularly beneficial for sporting groups that often do not have this expertise.

Quoting & tender management

Armed with detailed design and project specifications the next step is to source competitive quotations to deliver the works. We can provide the documentation to enable you to manage this process or we can manage the request for quotations process on your behalf. Many 2MH clients find this an enormous help because it saves so much time and effort.

Design management

We are known for our design expertise. We work with specialist designers for every aspect of design to develop engaging outdoor spaces and sporting facilities. That means you get a project with impact that delivers what you need with style and functionality.

Construction management

Project scoping, project costing, occupational health and safety management, quality assurance and more; we manage every aspect of construction on your behalf. That means your project is constructed on time, on budget and to meet the design specifications.

Project acquittal

When the project is complete we provide a full project acquittal to document what has been delivered, how funds have been outlaid and compliance with relevant standards. For local government and sporting groups this is particularly helpful. It’s also just good business practice and part of what we do every day to make life easier for clients.