School Grounds

Ask any adult about their memories of school days and invariably those memories are centred in the school grounds. School grounds need to provide opportunities for exploration and play. They need to provide areas for energetic activity and spaces to retreat for quiet reflection. Increasingly, school grounds also need to provide structured outdoor learning areas for teachers to adjourn classes to when weather permits. 2MH Consulting provides an end-to-end solution for school grounds master plans, landscape design, sports facilities and project management. Recent school grounds projects include Gisborne Secondary College, Holy Cross Primary School, St Ambrose Primary School and Woodend Primary School.

Outdoor learning areas

Outdoor learning areas can provide a stimulating change of scene for a class becoming restless indoors. To work effectively they need to provide adequate space to enable teachers to relocate a class rapidly and continue teaching. Outdoor learning areas need appropriate shade structures to provide sun safe enjoyment. They also need careful consideration of surfaces: for example synthetic turf can provide an inviting solution to enable students to sit on the ground without requiring construction of extensive seating. 2MH Consulting provides carful consultation and expert landscape design and project management to deliver outdoor learning areas that work.

School ovals

The school oval is often the centre of school life outside the classroom. 2MH Consulting provides expert irrigation and drainage expertise, turf management, landscape design and project management to deliver new school ovals and refurbish old school ovals.

School basketball courts

Whether you have a single school basketball court or need a suite of new basketball courts, 2MH Consulting provides specialist sports facility design and project management resources to deliver an end-to-end solution. We also have extensive experience in delivering projects safely in a live school environment so you don't necessarily need to wait until school holidays.

School netball courts

2MH Consulting is the preferred provider of technical services to Netball Victoria. We know netball courts. We know what's safe, we know what's needed to comply with the sporting code and we know what is easy to maintain in a high traffic school environment.

School landscaping

School landscaping requires a particular approach. Planting needs to be hardy to withstand feet that invariably leave the path. Paths need to take the shortest distance from A to B, because kids will. Limited or non-existent permanent gardening resources also mean that landscaping needs to thrive without heavy watering or maintenance. We provide expert landscape design to deliver school landscapes that engage, inspire and survive.
Education ground Projects
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