University Grounds

Tertiary institutions can be large, sprawling and disorienting. Careful landscaping can be used to integrate disparate facilities and transform a sprawling site into an inviting campus. Sports facilities are also an integral part of a vibrant university campus. For clients like University of Melbourne and School of Mines Ballarat, 2MH Consulting provides responsive services to meet these needs.

University landscaping

2MH Consulting provide expert landscape design and experienced landscaping resources to develop or implement your campus landscape vision. We deliver landscapes not only designed for visual impact, but also for sustainability, maintainability and usability.

Outdoor security lighting

After hours security is important to ensure campus users enjoy free and unencumbered use of campus facilities. Appropriate landscaping to ensure passive safety through long open sight lines is part of the picture. Sensitive outdoor lighting is another part of the picture. 2MH Consulting provides access to Victoria's leading outdoor lighting designers.

University sports facilities

As Victoria's leading sports facilities technical consultants, 2MH Consulting provides an end-to-end solution for university track and field facilities, tennis courts, netball courts, football ovals, soccer grounds, cricket grounds, basketball courts and cycle paths.
Education ground Projects
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