Unlike suppliers that treat landscaping as an afterthought, 2MH Consulting integrates landscaping vision into planning from the outset on every project. We provide expert landscape design and experienced landscaping resources to implement that vision for your sports facility, education grounds, open space or streetscape.

Based on experience developing and renewing landscapes across the state we deliver landscapes not only designed for visual impact, but also for sustainability, maintainability and usability. The end result is a beautiful asset that continues to deliver value for years to come.

Particular landscaping infrastructure considerations include:

  • Horticulture appropriate to the region for aesthetics and sustainability
  • Arboriculture to ensure trees that thrive
  • Sculpture to feature public art as part of the landscape vision
  • Retaining walls for function and form
  • Irrigation and drainage to maximise maintainability
  • Stages & amphitheatres for multi-purpose use
  • Sightlines to ensure safe use of the outdoor space
  • Paths, signage and layout to provide intuitive way finding.