Light and Power

The days of outdoor spaces and sports facilities only being used dawn til dusk are long gone. The right lighting infrastructure can extend hours of use and enhance user enjoyment of these valuable community assets. Underground power and overhead power are also important considerations in public open spaces for BBQs, pumps and afterhours lighting to extend use. We go further to consider the need for three phase power suitable for outdoor entertainment sound equipment. Incorporating these considerations during initial design and implementation broadens facility use options and significantly reduces costs.

Sports lighting

Sports lighting is an art form. It has to be right. Lighting poles in the wrong location can breach safety guidelines. The wrong light can breach sporting code requirements. Inappropriate lighting can reduce user amenity. 2MH Consulting provides specialist sports lighting expertise to provide the best user outcome at an affordable price.

Outdoor lighting

Many organisations get it wrong with reasonable lighting on court or on field, but poor consideration of the lighting needs of users arriving and leaving the facility. 2MH Consulting provides a holistic lighting design perspective. We know that the player experience starts before play and extends after. We look at the needs of users from car park to play to change rooms and recommend the best approach to suit available budget.

Outdoor entertainment power

Have you considered the likely scenario that your sports field or outdoor space will also be used for outdoor entertainment? Club functions? Public concerts? Even just the odd fundraising fete? Did you know that outdoor entertainment amplifiers, mixers and speakers often require three phase power, not typical two phase? Have you considered where power outlets are located relative to likely entertainment areas? Will running power cords on the day really be safe? We consider all this and more to ensure landscape design and power infrastructure are suitable for future use.

Underground and overhead power

Do you put power underground or overhead? There is no one right answer. It depends on your site, intended uses of the site, traffic access, bushfire risk, budget and more. There is one constant in all of this: considered upfront planning makes all the difference. Many a sports club over the years has fallen into the trap of building a new court or field and then a year or two later digging parts up again to install underground power. We help you look into the future and plan for those requirements up front. It makes sense, it saves you time and money and it leads to better facilities that users enjoy using.