Sports surfaces

We provide specialist technical consultancy to sports organisations, education facilities and local government to provide the right surface when players hit the field or run on court. Our specialist expertise ensures that your new or refurbished sports surface will comply with sporting code regulations, meet sports user needs and be economical to maintain. As a result, we are exclusive partners to peak sports bodies such as Tennis Victoria and Netball Victoria and trusted advisors to sport facility managers far and wide.

Natural turf sports surfaces

We provide specialist expertise to design, deliver and renew thriving natural turf sports surfaces for all the leading sports codes. We know what will work in your geographic area for your sports field, court, green or track. Our expert curator advisors also know what just won’t stand up to wear and tear. We incorporate specialist irrigation and drainage design so that your investment doesn’t blow away in summer nor wash away in winter. This means that your natural turf sports surfaces will survive and thrive, will be safe to use and will continue to be enjoyed by players.

Synthetic turf sports surfaces

Synthetic turf has come a long, long way. For many sporting codes, synthetic turf solutions are now common or even preferred. We provide experience and expertise in all the major synthetic turf options. We know how to prepare, design and deliver synthetic turf solutions for safety, aesthetics, sports usability and durability. Players appreciate it, curators love it.

Hard court and track sports surfaces

Many organisations invest in poorly designed hard courts and tracks only to discover later that they are not compliant with sporting codes or safety regulations. We provide the specialist technical expertise to design and deliver hard court and track sports surfaces. We ensure your court or track meets all requirements, is enjoyable for users and is cost effective to maintain for the long haul.

Rubberised court and track sports surfaces

We provide expertise in the full range of rubberised sports surfaces and other synthetic sports surfaces for courts and tracks. We can advise on material and design and can project manage implementation through to handover. One point of contact, one source of deep expertise, one trusted partner to deliver your sports surface on track or on court.

En tout cas tennis court surfaces

Despite the increasing use of synthetic court surfaces, en tout cas is still a remarkably common tennis court surface. En tout cas is an enduring sports surface enjoyed by players but requires expert subsurface preparation and careful drainage design. As the exclusive technical advisers to Tennis Victoria, 2MH Consulting provides a complete en tout cas tennis court solution.