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For local governments and commercial precincts, parks and gardens are a significant investment and a valued resource for users year round. 2MH Consulting provides holistic landscape design and project management for parks and gardens throughout the state, with regular clients including Hobsons Bay Council, City of Stonnington, Mount Alexander Shire Council, Mitchel Shire Council and Macedon Ranges Shire Council.

Holistic landscape design

2MH Consulting combines sound design principles, including a holistic approach to the site and the community that it will service. Sympathetic landscaping ensures aesthetics and sustainability. Consultation with local community groups, local government and stakeholders is paramount, to create a sense of ownership by the local community and ensure the space will be used enthusiastically. 2MH Consulting provides an end-to-end service to provide all this and more on behalf of local works departments.

Specialist parks and gardens expertise

We bring together the specialist expertise needed to deliver stunning parks and gardens. Our team includes talented landscape designers, horticulturalists, arborists, lighting designers, irrigation and drainage specialists, geotechnical engineers, signage designers, turf specialists and more. It is an end-to-end approach that sees local governments and commercial precinct managers seek out 2MH Consulting for parks and gardens projects throughout Victoria.


Parks and gardens provide a powerful opportunity to engage users young and old, able bodied and less mobile users. Ensuring inclusive and accessible elements to connect all areas of the space can ensure a stimulating environment for all users. Paths should be accessible for prams and wheelchairs and navigable by older users less nimble of foot. Every community space should provide a diverse range of play opportunities for a wide range of ages and abilities. Age appropriate play equipment and natural play elements can provide inclusivity with a healthy balance of challenging opportunities.


Parks and gardens need to be sustainable in the local environment and sustainable for local government to maintain. We explore natural shade opportunities for aesthetics and to make plantings more sustainable. We use horticultural experts to select plants that will thrive in local conditions. We recommend durable surfaces to reduce maintenance requirements for high traffic areas. We think of the little things to make parks and gardens thrive for the long haul.


Safety needs to be considered throughout the design process. We consider aspects including play equipment fall heights and zones, potential finger entrapments, proximity to potential dangers. It's more than that though. We consider how older users will navigate paths. We consider access and exit routes to surrounding traffic zones. We ensure passive safety features like long sight lines for easy supervision of younger users.


We design and project manage parks and gardens designed to enjoy. This means more than stunning landscape design. It means designing to accommodate structured, play, passive recreation, easy way finding, plenty of seating and easy access to drinking fountains, seating, litter receptacles, BBQs, picnic facilities, toilets and other community infrastructure. Whatever your particular requirements for your park or garden, 2MH Consulting can assist with public consultations, design, planning approvals, tenders management and project management through construction to handover.
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