Williams Landing Boulevard Recreation Reserve

ClientGroup GSA For Wyndham City Council
LocationWilliams Landing
Through Group GSA, 2MH Consulting was engaged to provide early investigation works and detailed design of sporting facilities within this new recreation reserve. The facilities include two irrigated sand-based natural turf ovals accommodating soccer, cricket and Australian Rules, 6 new acrylic surface tennis courts with lighting, and Cricket Nets.

Project challenge

The geotechnical investigations revealed relatively shallow rock in the area of one of the ovals.

2MH solution

To minimise construction costs associated with the installation of subsoil drainage, the oval was raised so that all excavations could be performed above the rock. The raised nature of the oval also allowed stormwater drainage for the oval to gravitate to the existing legal point of discharge, thus avoiding the need for a pumping station.
Williams Landing
Melbourne & Central Victoria
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Sports facilities, Reserves, Tennis courts, Football ovals, Soccer pitches, Cricket grounds
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