Athletic Tracks

For universities, schools and local governments, athletics tracks can provide valued sporting infrastructure. Get it right and you have a community asset for decades to come. Get it wrong and you have a recurring maintenance nightmare that just won't go away. 2MH Consulting provides an end-to-end solution to design and project manage quality athletic tracks.

Athletic tracks investigation and assessment

Prior to designing your new or refurbished athletic track, detailed investigations are critical to determine the level of competition to be held on the facility (forecasting future use), including spectator requirements, competitor needs and club facilities. If building a new athletics track on a greenfield site, it is important to collect enough information to guide the pavement design. Geotechnical engineering assessments and soil testing is critical to the success of the project. 2MH Consulting provides you with direct access to highly qualified technical specialist to perform this investigation and assessment.

Athletic track design

With detailed investigation and assessment reports in hand, 2MH Consulting provides expert design services for athletic tracks. We combine track design expertise with deep knowledge of sporting codes and regulatory obligations to ensure your athletic track meets every requirement. It is an end-to-end solution that has seen 2MH Consulting design and deliver athletic tracks for clients like Melton City Council, Macedon Ranges Shire Council and Mitchell Shire Council.

Athletic track surface choice

Is the track to be natural turf, hard constructed pavement or rubberised synthetic surface? The final choice of athletic track surface needs to be considered carefully for whole-of-life implications. For infrastructure of this importance and cost, whole-of-life maintenance requirements associated with the chosen surface are central to full project costing. We can recommend the most appropriate surface to meet your user group needs and provide forward maintenance estimates to inform your budgeting.

Athletic track drainage

Drainage for any sports facility is one of the most important design elements. For athletic tracks it is critical to protect subsurface structural integrity of the new construction and to ensure maximum usability in less than ideal conditions. We are based in the Macedon Ranges so we know a thing or two about rain with long, wet winters. We also work with Victoria's leading drainage design experts. So your athletics track will be designed and delivered to survive even the wettest conditions. That means track and field participants will enjoy using the surface long into the future.
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