Cycle Paths

Every day, thousands of cyclists ride on cycle paths designed and delivered by 2MH Consulting. 2MH Consulting provides local governments with an end-to-end solution for design and project management of cycle paths and associated signage, landscaping and infrastructure. We have project managed cycle path projects for Mitchell Shire Council, Macedon Ranges Shire Council, Hobsons Bay Council, Melton City Council, City of Stonnington and many other local governments throughout Victoria. This experience counts. It means we know what works in practice and we think of the little things that make cyclists love using the path and that can create huge savings in the long term.

Cycle path design

Cycle paths need to be designed to minimise ongoing maintenance, to make the journey as interesting as possible and to ensure safe travel from destination to destination. We provide that end-to-end design expertise.

Cycle path safety, regulation and traffic flows

Regulatory standards need to be adhered to in design and construction with careful attention paid to the interaction between cyclists, pedestrians and motor vehicles. For example, will cycles share the path with pedestrians. This simple question will dictate the required construction width of the path. We provide that regulatory knowledge and traffic design expertise.

Cycle path geotechnical reports

Geotechnical engineering is important. It plays an important role in determining the most appropriate path construction methodology. We provide those investigation and assessment services with highly qualified geotechnical engineers.

Making the most of cycle path budgets

Funding will also play a significant part in deciding the most appropriate cycle path construction. Is it to be granitic sand? Crushed Rock? Asphalt or concrete? We can advise on construction options. We can even advise on State and Federal government grant funding options.

Cycle path wayfinding and interpretive signage

Directional signage is an obvious component of cycle path projects. We know from experience that this can be taken to another level by also incorporating interpretive signage. Interpretive signage along the cycle path can significantly enhance the user experience. The secret is to explore these options in the original design and cost for inclusion in the initial construction phase. We are renowned for the impact of our interpretive signage designs.
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