Tennis Courts

2MH Consulting is the industry leader in Victoria for Tennis Court design and technical services. As a result of this unequalled expertise, 2MH Consulting has been appointed as the preferred supplier of technical services to the sport's peak body in the state, Tennis Victoria. In fact, this acknowledged expertise in tennis court technical services increasingly leads to 2MH Consulting responding to requests for technical support from tennis court facilities further afield in South Australia, NSW and Queensland.

Tennis court audits

Tennis Victoria has appointed 2MH Consulting as its exclusive provider of tennis court auditing and technical advice services. We know the sporting code, we know the safety requirements, we understand the technical challenges and we know how to provide practical and actionable advice. Tennis court audits include a full feature survey to pick up all existing infrastructure at the site, surrounding drainage systems, overhead services and all existing line marking at site. We also undertake geotechnical testing to establish subsurface conditions and and what materials have been used in prior court construction. We are then able to recommend the most effective path forward to conserve your budget and ensure that your new or refurbished tennis facilities will stand the test of time.

Lawn courts, en tout cas courts, hard courts and synthetic surfaces

For tennis court facilities the length and breadth of the state, 2MH Consulting provides expert auditing, design and construction project management for lawn courts, en tout cas courts, synthetic grass courts, acrylic surface courts and rubberised acrylic courts.

Tennis court design

For new tennis court facilities and club expansions or renewals, 2MH Consulting is the leading design advisory service for tennis courts. Our tennis court designs pay careful attention to court orientation, finished surface levels and site drainage. Final layouts always consider access to and from carparking and clubrooms. Final designs include sub-surface drainage, surface drainage, pavement design, fencing details and complimentary infrastructure such as seating, rebound walls and shelters. It is an end-to-end approach that enables 2MH Consulting to provide a single point for any tennis facility project.

Tennis court lighting

To get maximum value out of your tennis courts, 2MH Consulting also offers specialist tennis court lighting. The right tennis court lighting solution extends potential hours of use for these valuable community assets.

Tennis court fencing

With such extensive tennis court experience, 2MH Consulting can advise you on the most efficient and cost-effective fencing solutions to meet immediate needs and minimise whole of life maintenance

Tennis court project management

Our specialist team can help you with as little or as much of your tennis court project when you need it. Commonly used tennis court services include, Service Detection, Feature and Title Surveys, Engineering investigations, Geotechnical investigations and reporting, Lighting and electrical investigations and design (engineering), Civil engineering design, Structural engineering design, Drainage design, Specification writing, Total tender package preparations and Complete co-ordination and project management.
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