Signage can be mundane and sometimes that’s OK. Clever signage design though can deliver so much more to enhance usability and enjoyment of public spaces, education grounds and sports facilities. 2MH Consulting works with talented designers and innovative signage production facilities to provide signage options you may never have considered. We consistently receive enthusiastic feedback from clients about the quality and impact of our signage solutions.


Users of your outdoor space or sporting facility need to be able to find what they need easily. That involves the right signage in the right place. It requires intuitive directional signage that users understand at a glance. And at a practical level it requires signage materials that will continue to be easy to find and read for years to come, not just look pretty for the next few months then fade or peel. We deliver creative signage solutions that communicate and that last.


What sports facility is complete without a scoreboard? Whatever the sporting code, indoor or outdoor, electronic or manual, 2MH Consulting has seen every scoreboard request you can think of. We know how to design for usability, longevity, player visibility and spectator amenity.

Interpretive signage

Interpretative signage can lift a public space from a space to an experience. It provides a broader context to the space for users to explore and appreciate. It engages users. It increases the impact of a project and yet it does not add significantly to the cost.  2MH Consulting has received accolades for interpretative signage on projects highlighting history of the site, botanical features of the landscaping, animals native to the era, aboriginal heritage of the region and big picture directional signage showing distance to surrounding cities near and far. What’s needed is creativity, foresight and upfront planning to deliver interpretative signage as an integral part of the overall project, not an afterthought. We can guide you through this process and we know how to deliver stunning results.