Engaging outdoor spaces need clever water management to ensure landscaping thrives, drainage works and maintenance requirements are sustainable. Getting it right makes outdoor spaces and sports facilities enjoyable for users and maximises year round use of these valuable assets. Getting it wrong reduces accessibility for users, reduces sports surface durability and dramatically increases maintenance costs. 2MH Consulting provides end-to-end expertise to design and project manage water infrastructure for outdoor spaces and sports facilities.

Water recycling

To drought-proof your outdoor space and ensure thriving turf and landscaping we provide expertise in all aspects of water recycling. 2MH Consulting designs and delivers water harvesting projects to capture and reuse water onsite. We also have extensive experience designing safe and efficient irrigation using reticulated recycled water from local water authorities.


We consider irrigation integral to the design of landscaping and turf solutions. 2MH Consulting provides careful design and practical solutions to maximise benefit from constrained water resources. That means your planting in outdoor space will thrive, will be easier to maintain and will continue to look good next year and beyond.


The concept of investing in drainage fails to excite people until the first time it rains and the need becomes immediately obvious. Designing and installing the right drainage at the start of the project is dramatically cheaper than attempting to retrofit drainage solutions later. Delaying this investment never makes sense. We can work with you to design a cost effective drainage solution that will maximise enjoyment of the facility and reduce ongoing maintenance costs.